Saturday, January 30, 2010

more Apple math

After looking at my scribbles on my copy of the apple pattern, and peering more closely at her apple, I'm starting to wonder if that mysterious "kfb 3 times" last increase round should have read "kfb 8 times". It would make more sense. Math again: 36+8=44. And if you have 44 stitches when you start to decrease, that first set of decreases works perfectly, as 44/11=4, and after 4 decreases, you have 40 stitches, which is what you need to start the next decrease round. It makes complete sense, as a 3 and an 8 look very similar, especially if you're scribbling them while knitting. I'm going to try it, this time in green, I think. Or maybe a different red. No, green. Possibly both.

Anyway, I'll let you know if that worked. Math-wise, it does, but I'm also interest in improving that apple shape, making it less like a ball, which is what mine is (if you look at my suggested changes, and look at the knitted ball pattern I used for my owl in a sweater, the only difference is how many plain rows you knit between increasing and decreasing). A dimpled ball with a stem and leaf on it, but totally symmetrical, which apples aren't.

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