Monday, February 8, 2010

about the Sushi

In other crochet news, whipped up a few crochet sushi items, from Tasty Crochet, for my brother. I was a tad frustrated, because the "egg" and "tuna" pieces did not sit on the "rice" the way they do in the pictures. I followed the directions, did the right number of stitches and rows, but my "egg" was not long enough to hang over the edges as pictured, and the "tuna" didn't even come close. I blame the instructions, though, because I can do the math: there are 16 rounds on the "rice", and you only do 14 rows (counting the sc around the entire thing) on the "tuna", so just exactly how, I ask you, was it supposed to cover the entire "rice" portion and have the pointy bit hanging way off the edge? Same hook, same type of yarn, but somehow the gauge is supposed to be different? Was it supposed to go the other direction? Mine, at least, was too narrow across to have done that. And the "egg" (sorry, not remembering sushi names) is clearly shown as being placed down the length of the "rice". If someone else managed to successfully complete these, exactly as instructed, and exactly as pictured, I'd love to be proven wrong.

They're still pretty cute (and the California Roll turned out fine as is - wait - no - I added stitches to the green part, to make sure it would go all the way around my "rice" - because by then I'd already been cursing the egg & tuna mishaps), and he'll proudly display them at his office, but it frustrates me when one cannot simply follow directions for something.

(No, I did not take pictures. I was mad at them. And didn't have my camera anyway.)

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