Monday, February 8, 2010

a baby blessing, and (gasp) crochet weekend

Saturday late afternoon, I headed up to Fruit Heights to stay overnight before my newest grand-nieces baby blessing. I got in some pretty good crochet time that evening, after helping to complete the blessing gown (but really, she had already done all the work).
(I mentioned having to do a couple more pairs of slippers, right? Got the one pair done, only to discover in my notes, which I'd looked at many times, that they should have been blue. I didn't have any blue yarn with me, and it was a bit late to try to run out and get some, so green it is. I hope the boy still likes them. I feel dumb, though. No wonder I couldn't figure out what color green I'd used for his first pair - they were blue. I probably overshot the bigger size. But kids grow fast, right? One more pair to go, but I'll need more hemp. Again. I've got to write down how much an adult pair takes, so I don't keep doing this.)
Twin1 came with me, Twin2 stayed home to do stuff with friends, but called his aunt to make his apologies. All reports say he was very polite, very loving, and they're fine with him not coming. I gave him a REALLY hard time. But he's a good kid, and I know it, and I'm not sorry I let him stay home. He had a great time with his friends, too. Something involving an accordion, and dancing the polka in the streets at midnight.
Twin1 and I were driving to the church a little behind the rest, since they had to get there early to dress the baby. We didn't quite realize how much time we needed, to get from Fruit Heights to South Salt Lake (hint: 1/2 hour is not quite enough...), so I was going at least 80-90 the whole way on the freeway, watching those signs that say "minutes to downtown...12" and thinking "but we only have 9!", and feeling impatient once we'd gotten off and were making our way to the church.
We made it there, about 5 min late, but they were doing all the other "ward business" first, so we didn't miss anything. Anything to do with the baby, anyway.
She rarely cries, but she managed to make an exception for this. Settled down pretty quick, though, and then off to sleep right after. I'm sure she's wondering what all the fuss was. (I should have some pics to share later in the week, maybe.) The blessing was very nice. And it was a thrill to see her older brother holding the microphone for his dad, as he isn't yet old enough to participate any other way.

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