Monday, February 8, 2010

final notes on tea cup bunny construction

When I did the fuzzy version, you couldn't tell quite where I'd sewed it together, so I couldn't have jotted down anything. But it was a bit of trial and error. Which I went through with the smooth version as well. But that one, I could see what finally worked, so now I can tell you (and show you pictures of) just exactly what parts go where.

(I'm one of those people who likes to have instructions for every little bit)

When sewing the head to the body, what looked best for me was to sew through the head just below the top row (not your closing sc row, if you did that, but the actual top row), centered, of course, and join that to the body just above (except it's upside down) the 6th row. I went through 3-4 stitches. I also tacked it down, through just one stitch, a couple rows down the head, sort of in the chin area, just so the head doesn't wobble. I used the tail from sewing up the bottom - just ran it up through the body to the right point and went from there. I tend to leave a pretty long tail if it says I should "leave a long tail", and I hate wasting the yarn. Plus, I didn't have to worry about anchoring the thread end when I started.

I didn't add a tail. Didn't want a pom pom, couldn't decide what else to try, left him tail-less.

Stitch his little nose in a pretty pink yarn or floss. I started at the bottom of the "V", coming up just above the second round, going in 3 rounds up and 2 stitches over. Come back up directly across, at the top of the left of the "V", and then back down at the center/bottom. I didn't tie it off because I didn't want any pink showing somewhere else, so I sort of wished I had done his nose before stuffing and closing the head.

These guys are so cute, and so quick, I'm thinking it might be likely you'd find a Tea Cup Bunny in your tea cup, next time I throw a tea party. I'm thinking late spring, or maybe summer - because I don't have room for very many friends unless I have it outside. Plus, by that time, I hope to have a front porch, which will need to be celebrated.

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