Thursday, February 18, 2010

almost there...

I'm working on the 11th point of my dodecahedron. Frankly, making those points has gotten a tad boring. Consider, however, that I have had to redo at least 2 of them. Maybe if I hadn't had to try 1) starting from the other end of the yarn for a different stripe (which I didn't like), and 2) making the points with or without the 4 rows after you've decreased to 15 sts, well, I'd be finished already. Forgot to grab my stuffing on the way out, so even if I sneak in some knitting on a break here, I can't finish until later. Bummer.

I got an email back from Berroco (the folks who made the pattern) and they confirmed that the correction needs to be made. *update* the correction has been made on their website and in the pdf download.

I've got a block of time to sit in a waiting room later, plus it's Fab Fibers tonight so I'll be starting the crochet version somewhere in all that. I know what yarn I'm using, Lion Brand Magic Stripes in Jellybean (leftovers again, from socks for me, and socks for my nephew), a really cute bright self-striping yarn. It's a little heavier than the Soles & More, so a D hook should do.

Have you started yours yet? Kidding. I know I'm just doing this for me, nobody out there is actually following along. I keep hearing how crazy I am. I do this to relax, folks, so it's really my way of not going crazy.

Incidentally, I've just read that they are discontinuing the entire Moda Dea line. So get your Sassy Stripes while you can - they had really cute colorways. Like the grey I used for my Twee Bunny. In fact, I might need a bit more of that, if I can find any, because I may need to make a bunch of Twee Bunnies.

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