Friday, February 19, 2010

One down, 2/3 to go

Just like I said, I had that block of time in a waiting room, and then Fab Fibers, so I was able to finish the knit version. I like it. Doing that last point was a tad tricky, because you've stuffed the rest of it, and you have to squish it while you work or your last point could end up all loose. And you have to stuff that last point as you go. Once you got past the 5th row or so, it wasn't as hard to keep it tight.
Got started on the crochet version, and it's 1/3 done. (Don't you just love fractions? I do. I've got 4 points done, and there are 12 total, 4/12 can be simplified, by dividing both the numerator and the denominator by 4, to 1/3, so I'm 1/3 done, see? I am such a math geek.)

As I worked the crochet version, I found I didn't like having to slip stitch into the previous point instead of sc, though I realize you'd have to in order for your first round to work, as you did chain for the part that isn't already connected to another point. But I didn't like it, so I dug out my directions for foundation chain (snuffykins has an awesome tutorial), and did that instead of chaining for the 3rd & 4th points, and I think that works pretty well.

This is working up faster than the knit version, but maybe just because I'm not obsessing over the stripe pattern? No, there are fewer sts in each round as well. And I think I'm still faster at crochet than knit. Also, I'm not being as picky about the yarn position with this one. I had one smaller ball of leftovers, and when that ran out part way through the 3rd point, I just picked up the end of the next ball and continued on (you can sort of tell, too. see that part where it repeats the blue/white/blue/white?that's where I picked up the next piece). When I did the knit, I tried to start the next piece where the previous one left off, so I had a few yards in between that I didn't use. I ended up coming back to one of those, or I wouldn't have had enough to finish. There is just a little bit of the Soles & More left, maybe enough to do an itty-bitty sock for a doll? Not that I'd do that. Well, not right now, anyway.

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