Saturday, February 6, 2010

Knitted Toadstool baby rattle (revealed!)

Now that this has been gifted to the gal in question, I can show you that item I used the cat toy for! It's super cute:

and I did manage to get the Fab Fibers gals to take home some of the extra cat toys. I now have just 2 more, which seems a more reasonable number of toadstool rattles to make, don't you think?

I used some sport weight yarn for this one, Serenity for the cap, and some stuff I had in the stash for the gills and stem. I was inspired to try it out when one of the Fab Fibers gals showed up a couple weeks ago knitting one in some earthy colors. I knew I wanted to gift this at a baby shower, so I went for pastels.

You can find this pattern, along with tons of other cute stuff to knit, crochet, sew, etc, at

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Liz said...

And we LOVE it!!! Thanks for spending the time making those sweet gifts. They really are great!