Monday, February 8, 2010

helpful little men, and some cherries

Took a break from slippers (waiting for more hemp to come in the mail), and tried out the cherries.

Pretty cute, no?

Mom gave me the curious blackbird trying to steal the knit set. (thanks, mom!)

Who's that holding the crochet set, you say?

That's one of my helpful little men. This one, maybe, isn't so helpful as some of the others. This one, who tolerates a chicken on his head, while looking very serious, is mostly decorative.

But I have others.

In the bathroom, there is a little frosted glass soap-dish man, wearing nothing but his belly button and a smile. Sometimes you have to be careful what soap you put there - like the red Christmas stocking - because it can look a little odd. My favorite is in the fall, when I've got a couple leaf-shaped soaps on him - he looks like he's been toppled by falling leaves. Right now, we have another helpful little man, a snowman, for the soap. I should have put out my heart soap already. I'll have to see to that later. Then he will have a heart on...there.

On the mantel, I have one of those artist figures in miniature. He's useful for drawing attention to things, since he is pose-able. Over to the left, you can see my lame treasure box, with my awkward toad inside, and in the center, hanging from one of my apothecary jars, a snowMAN cookie cutter (see that handle placement? he's definitely a male snow-person)

In the kitchen, I have a snowman cookie jar (obvious), and this little "butter boy": You put butter in him, and he helps you butter your corn on the cob. So helpful.
My favorite helpful little men, though, are Twin1:(he was a jester for Halloween)
and Twin2:

(working hard to protect us from the Zombie invasion)

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