Friday, February 19, 2010

Year of Ami, week 5, E is for...

Eel, and also for English Pork Pie
I'm taking a liberty with the category here, because 1) I've wanted to do Snuffykins crochet Eel for ages, and 2) I didn't feel like knitting an elephant. (I'm trying to do one item in crochet, and one in knit, remember?) If I didn't already have a whole slew of things to choose from for P, I might have reconsidered the elephant (which is darling, and likely to get picked for the second round) for this week, but I have wanted the English Pork Pie to grace my fiber-food collection for some time now. Must keep myself interested, or I'll fizzle out on this challenge.

This eel uses foundation chain crochet for the colorful fin portion, which is a new technique for me (recently used while crocheting my dodecahedron).

On the English Pork Pie, I may substitute, after trying their version, of course, because I always try to follow directions exactly as written, at least the first time through, my favored crochet leaf from the cherries.

Not sure I can recommend these together as a snack. But it does occur to me, you could make the pork pie as a sort of "box", not sew the top on, and put the eel inside the pie. Then it would be an English Eel Pie instead. Do the English eat eels?
(*update* Eel picture replaced with my own after the fact)

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