Wednesday, March 31, 2010

bunny week at MochiMochiLand

One of my favorite designers, MochiMochi, the genius behind our little Gratis Grass, is having "bunny week" over on her blog. She asked her readers to send her any bunny-related pictures, links, info, whatever.
So I sent over that picture of fuzzy bunny, the one up there at the top of my page. I gave her the link to the pattern (don't want anyone thinking it's mine - credit where it's due) and a link to my blog.


she posted it! Go check it out!

And check out the other fun bunny facts and cuteness while you're at it!

Oh, and with any $5 or more pattern purchase from her store, during Bunny Week, you get the Dust Bunny pattern for free. So I've finally ordered Tubby!

(did I use enough of these !!!! ?)

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