Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Snippets of Conversation

This morning in the car...

Conversation with Twin1: "Mom, you could make me a jellyfish." "Same color?" (I show him what I used, currently being knitted into another fish (3 of 6, I might just make my goal!) for the school fundraiser) "Sure...well...what else have you got?" (I don't think he quite understands the extent of my stash) "Just about anything you like, whatever color you want." "Well, purple is okay." "I've got glow-in-the-dark pale green at home" "Does it really glow in the dark?" "Yes, it does" "Yeah, that'd be good"

Conversation with Twin2: "Ugh, I hate this snow. It's all dirty." "That's because it's doing what all precipitation does, cleaning the air. All that dirt and ash from yesterday. After a while, it'll be cleaner snow." "Mom, I hope other kids have moms that can explain stuff like this to their kids" "Why?" "Because it's just sad if they don't" "You know, not all kids are lucky enough to have parents who are college educated..." (and this is where I should have stopped myself, really) "...I hope your kids are that lucky" (he gives me that look, but then goes on to make his point) "Don't other parents get tired of saying 'I don't know'?" "Back in my day, a clever parent would tell you to look it up in the dictionary or encyclopedia. Probably now they tell their kids to google it"

Back to Twin2, while stopped in the school parking lot: "I can park the car, and take that in to Grandma myself" (my mom is their school librarian, today is my parents anniversary, and I had a gift for them) "No, I don't mind. I want to take it to her"

How great is it that, a) my kids appreciate my talents, enough to ask me to make them stuff, b) my kids think I'm smart, and value that, and c) they love their Grandma, and really don't mind, dare I say, even, like? that she's right there at school?

Yet again, it just has to be said: I love my boys!

oh, and...

Happy Anniversary, mom & dad!

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