Thursday, March 4, 2010

Taming Earl

I've finished one version of Earl Lenmeyer, but I'm not totally happy with his shape, so I don't have pics just yet.
I'm playing with some modifications, trying to get it closer to what you see in her photo, and I think I'm just about there. So I should have something to show you soon. (I contacted her thru Ravelry about errata, and she will take a look at her "scribbled notes" when she can (which is how it is when you're designing a knit or crochet item - it's harder than it looks to design this stuff, and anyone who even tries to write a pattern should be revered forever, seriously). In the meantime, we're on our own.
Speaking of mods, I've tried quite a few on this project. For instance, on the bottom, for the round where you work in the back loops only, as the base turning point (that ring of loops gives it some definition), I've moved that round back to round 7, working the increases as written, but working only in the back loops. Then stagger your increases on round 8, and work rounds 9 and 10 as plain sc rounds. From that point, work as written for the rest of the flask, staggering every other decrease row. I suggest you start stuffing it before round 23, so you have a little more room to work in, and then stuff more as you go. We'll come back to the white part later - I'm still working out the shaping mods on that part.
It's really cute how she does the top. You finish off the colored part with a flat area on top, and then pick up loops to start the white, which is left open, so you're looking down in the flask at the "solution" in it. So very clever!
What color is your flask?

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