Saturday, April 10, 2010

good evening

Last night, I went over to BYU campus to see the Laurel & Hardy flick, Babes In Toyland, at the library.*

I parked at the Wilk, and walked towards the library. Spread out over the area between said parking lot and library, an area consisting of grassy areas and walkways, there was what I am presuming was either a very large group date, or possibly an FHE group, playing an enormous game of what appeared to be Capture the Flag. As I walked through this group, I was approached, not just once, but twice, by players who thought I was part of the game.

I'm a tad older than the average college student. More than a tad, as my Twins are about to be college-aged themselves. I'm over 40. I have gray hair and my roots need doing. And yet, even though it was only 6:45 pm, and fully light outside, I was mistaken for a college student. By a group of 20-somethings.

I can't help it, I was flattered.

*(The HBLL shows classic movies in a theater downstairs, for free, about once a month during fall and winter semesters - one more movie left this season, The Best Years of Our Lives, Memorial Day. Find more info here.)

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