Saturday, April 10, 2010

my socks have cleavage

I'm making progress on my own zigzag striped socks. I'm partial to a toe-up construction for socks, and working them two at a time. In fact, I can't think of a reason to do them separately, now that I know how to work both at once. I'd go so far as to say you couldn't pay me to make them one at a time.
I was careful to start both socks at roughly the same point in the self-stripe sequence on this pair, so that's not just luck on these ones.
But, I'm disturbed by the shape taking place. Granted, once on my foot, it won't look like that. I've tried it on, and it's fine. But here, off my foot, it's got cleavage:
Can you see that? I'm looking at these socks, and thinking, wow, I could use that to make a doll torso. One that would have an actual figure. Am I the only one seeing that? Do that same shaping, fewer rounds, nearer the start of a normal toe for a sock (which, incidentally, I think is an okay shape for the pelvic area, if you were going to attach the legs later), and have that be the butt. Then, after doing some decreases on the sides, for a waist, (don't forget to throw in a purl stitch for the belly-button) and increasing back out to match the hip area, then use that shaping again for the chest. Must admit, I'm not sure where you go from there for the shoulders and neck, but I could probably figure that out.
Or, this could make a good head for a crocodile, snake or lizard. Put the eyes on those bumps. Not up on the tips, but on the smooth part, just before the shaping starts.
Am I the only one fascinated by the possibilities here?

(speaking of things that could be other things, remember the Twinkie Dog? With the bun that looked to me like it could be a Twinkie? Somebody must have seen that. Because somebody wrote up a pattern for a Twinkie, and it's only very slightly different from that hot dog bun. I was robbed.)

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