Monday, April 26, 2010

Time Out

I had to hurry and knit some socks, sew up a cute diapers & wipes case, make a basket, and attend a baby shower, all while simultaneously hosting a basket making event/birthday party (and somewhere in there making my Twins mow the lawn on the supposed only sunny day we will have for the next week).


So, I had to set aside the Mop Top Mascot while I did all that (and the announcement for this week's choice - which has been difficult, to say the least).

I did finish the baby socks, but they looked too girly to give to my friend V that just had a boy,
so they went into the stash of baby gifts in the front closet (same pattern as the other newborn Jaywalkers, they just look lacey and girly in all-white). She did get the very cute Diapees & Wipees case, even though I couldn't find my stash of new cloth diapers to make a matching burp cloth with, along with those blue and orange baby jaywalkers, and an owlie sleep sack. And I did make it to the baby shower, all the way out in Saratoga Springs, leaving my family at my house to fend for themselves, after having my niece open her gifts.
The basket is about 1/2 finished, and must be done before Saturday, so I'll be working on that this evening, and every spare minute, until it's done.
After much cajoling, the Twins did mow the lawn. It doesn't look like we'll have the promised rain today, but, I'm still glad I pushed them to get it done. The mowed bits look great. The flower garden areas, which are badly in need of weeding, not so much. Maybe somewhere in the week of supposed rain, I will manage that. Or manage to get the Twins to do it.

Very glad I attended the baby shower, even with all the rest I was supposed to be doing. Baby Diego was born Mar 3, his due-date was May 13, so he got here a tad early. Doing very well, nearing 5 lbs. She had ink prints of his feet from the day he was born, and from that morning. Wow, what a difference! His little feet are now about 2 1/2" long, compared to maybe 1 1/2" at birth. Such a tiny thing. He'll be in hospital for a while longer. By all accounts, a sweet baby. Can't wait to meet him.

I will be back later with the Mop Top, and Year of Ami "N" selections.

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