Tuesday, July 13, 2010

eXtremely small sweater

This was a fast little knit for me. I did the 1st sweater of this series, and I really want to do more now.
I considered working in the round instead of following the directions as written, but it was only a few stitches to sew up, so I just went with it as-is.

When I worked the back, I tried to make the rows the same at the bottom as they were on the front, adding in a straight knitted row before knitting on the wrong side, but I'm not totally sure I ended up with it the same. I still think it looks better than just going along in the same pattern to the end, though, since if it was a real person-sized sweater, the bottom band would match all the way around.
I like the way the sleeves are finished. It gives it a nice little fold at the end with that purl row.
I couldn't find my size 4 dbl pnts, so I just used the size 6, as those were handy, when I did the turtleneck.
I questioned the length of that chain for the belt, but it came out just right. I tied mine in a square knot. It didn't say what to do with the tail ends, so I basically just pulled the ends tight and cut them short.

If you've never tried cables before, something small like this is the perfect place to start (note: on most cabled sweaters, you'll just work even across the wrong side, you generally don't cable from that side; this one is done that way due to size). I actually taught myself cables by making a Barbie sweater, way back in my college days. I still have it. 
Isn't that cute? (I'll have to see if I can find the pattern - it was in an issue of McCall's Needlework & Crafts. I just used what I had handy, which was an oddly soft, non-bulky skein of Red Heart worsted in Skipper Blue.)

As soon as I finished, I picked up my needles and started making a man-sized cabled sweater right away. Like I was some sort of expert or something. Turned out okay, though, so maybe that strategy worked? (sorry, no picture, it was given away, and I don't think I remembered to take a picture first...that was a long time ago)

Yarn: LB Fisherman in Natural

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