Wednesday, July 14, 2010

the other cushions

Finally got a picture of this in daylight. These took forever to cut out. Seriously, FOREVER. The floral fabric was a large loose weave, so I couldn't just rip it to get nice straight-sided squares, I had to cut along the threads. Then, for the check on the sides, since that was printed, I couldn't rip that either, in case the print wasn't on grain, so I had to cut along the checks. Worth it, though. I love how these look.
I need something different for the cushions at the back. I'm thinking large squares, either in the same check used for the sides, or a maybe a plain denim? I still need to make the bolsters, too. I cut them out that same evening, but I had so much else to get ready, I stopped once I'd done the seat cushions. Maybe I'll get back to those this weekend.
I also need to make button tabs so these cushions can become a flip chair like this one. That way, when we have to take the cushions inside due to rain or whatever, they're a useful seat instead of just a stack of cushions taking up space.
(And then there are the 3 others, for the love seat and chair that match this sofa. Also cut out, so at least I don't have to endure that torture again. So much still to do.)

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