Friday, August 27, 2010

The arrival of Mockingjay

My copy of Mockingjay arrived just before I left for work this morning.
The UPS guy knocked briefly on the back door (why the back? that always bugs me) and then left the package, plain brown cardboard, propped up against the pale yellow brick exterior.

I retrieved it, opened the package, and resisted opening the book.

Instead, I placed it on my armchair - my knitting/reading chair, the chair we sometimes refer to as the man-chair.

I open the front door, ready to leave the house, and I catch some movement, off to the left, just out of the corner of my eye. Then, oh my goodness, this gorgeous blue jay, with these impossibly long, brilliant blue tail feathers, is briefly perched, wings still out-stretched, on the arm of one of the deck chairs in the front yard. A seriously beautiful bird. Just for a moment.
I glance back at the chair, at the Mockingjay cover. The image of that bird, so similar.

It was hard not to just sit right down and open that book.

Three guesses what I'm doing with my Friday evening.

*blue jay image from here*

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