Friday, August 27, 2010

Happy Birthday, Fabulous Fibers!

Fab Fibers* is the knit/crochet/spin/other fiber addiction group I attend most every Thursday. I say "most", because I do miss it sometimes.
For instance, last week, I was in Idaho. Just as the rest of the Fab Fibers gals were gathering over at B&N (on the Parkway in Orem), I was sitting down to a post-wedding dinner, far away in Lava Hot Springs.
I've also, sometimes, somehow, usually because I've gotten distracted by my latest Netflix delivery, managed to forget it's Thursday. I usually remember somewhere around 9pm, as they're breaking it up to go home. Then I'm sad, that I sat there, knitting or crocheting alone, in the dark, watching a movie. (Not that I don't like watching movies alone, because I do. I'm just sad to have missed my girlfriends.)

Last night, there was just me, Amanda (our founder) and Megan. I worked on a baby gift (nottellingyouwhat). Amanda worked on this seriously cool, skinny, green scarf she's knitting for a friend. Megan worked on a black and red intarsia-knit scarf, also for a friend. We're very charitable, no? Seems like half of what I do isn't for myself. Except recently, what with the Ami thing I'm doing.
Anyway, we knitted (weird - all of us were knitting...), talked, laughed. Talked about feminine products. That's Amanda's fault - she asked if either of us went to the Smith's in Orem. I do, but, only because it's the one place in Provo/Orem that carries Instead. Having said that, the product had to be explained. (I converted back in '92, or maybe it was '93 - whenever it first came out, with boxes of 6 for $1 so you'd try it. I tried it, and I'll never go back. Seriously.) Megan uses Diva, a reusable version of the same type. That had to be explained. And drawn on a napkin (we meet in the cafe, 7pm, every Thursday - you should come). I'm sure the couple next to us enjoyed overhearing that discussion.
(Well? What do you expect? A group of women, left to their own devices...)


So, as it was FF's birthday, we decided we'd go out after, celebrate a little. Went over to Mimi's, just across the parking lot. (Not my restaurant-of-choice.) We walked in around 9:45 (they close at 10 M-Th). Then took forever deciding what to have. Nate, our waiter, was very nice, friendly and patient. I had the French Toast Breakfast. Not bad, just not impressed enough to want to have it again. I don't know what it is about that place. Something just isn't quite...I don't know. BUT, they have this amazing Pomenade - pomegranate lemonade (the word Pomenade had us thinking "I don't want FOP, I'm a Dapper Dan man" (O Brother), and someone with slicked-back hair walking with a pompous aire). Also, Berry Pom Lemonade - Lemonade with a berry-pomegranate nectar. I had that. Yummm. We eat, drink, and compare freckles.

We're all fair-skinned, dark haired, and freckled. Megan and I have similar freckle-patterning on our forearms. All three of us have at least one freckle on our palm.

After, we stood around in the parking lot talking for a while.
Amanda is single, too, and asks me if I know someone she met in a mid-singles ward. Someone who is about 32 or so. I say that's a bit young for me. Megan suddenly says she's so crushed, she's too young to date me (she's 25). This has all of us laughing. Megan's boyfriend calls just then, and she tells him how sad she is that she's too young to date me. He tells her I'm a snob, too picky. Amanda is giving me a weird look.
Megan, sweetie, I love you,'ve got a boyfriend, and I wish I had a boyfriend...and...I guess, you're just not my type?
This morning, it was hard to wake myself up. Like I'd just had too much fun, and enjoyed my friends so much, that going back to regular, boring, normal life just wasn't the thing.

I love Fab Fibers.

Next week, I'll be at the Storytelling Festival, so I won't get to sit and knit/crochet with my friends, and enjoy the cryptic and rambling conversation. But, you know, Bil Lepp. I mean, is there really a choice? I think not.
Speaking of, if you are looking for something to do Labor Day weekend, you should come. The Timpanogos Storytelling Festival is one of the very best. And we've got Bil Lepp this year.
I wish we could have him every year. We laugh so hard, sometimes it's hard to breath. Okay, it's always that way with Bil. Vampire Santa, Punching the Lard...oh, dear, my ribs are starting to hurt. I don't even have to hear the whole story, just the title, and I remember, and I'm off.

*Fab Fibers needs a logo. Anyone?

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Marcy said...

I'm so glad you introduced me to the Storytelling Festival! I hope to make it this year.

I spent a long time looking at the Softcup website. You really swear by it? Hmmmm. Maybe I'll have to try it.