Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Glow-in-the-dark Curiosity

I know I already let you see this fella, but I didn't really say anything about the pattern in that other post, so I had to come back to him.
He was easy, and the pattern was great. Those feet are a bit tricky, but her pictures are good, and, once you get the idea of what you're trying to do (ie: split off to work toes), it gets easier. Remember to count your chain as a stitch when you count back to start the other side of the first toe. I can't tell which foot I didn't do that on, but on one, I ran short a stitch for the 3rd toe (I added a chain so I had the right stitch count), because I used one more than I should have on the first. Not a big deal, obviously, since you can't tell which one I did right from just looking at him.
His antenna didn't seem to need any stuffing or wire. It stands up pretty good as-is, and is even a little bendy, since the stitching is so tight.
His legs do need a good stuffing. They have to hold him up, so make sure you keep packing it in there, until they're good and strong. It's best to stuff the legs after you sew them to the feet, so the stuffing can't try to escape out the other end. Not that I'd know.
His eyes are over the 7th and 8th rounds down from the antenna, 5 stitches apart. I used DMC embroidery floss in black, all 6 strands, and did 3 stitches for each eye. I suggest doing them after you place the feet, so you can center them over those. I did mine before, while I was searching for the rest of the yarn to make his legs, so I had to place my legs/feet very carefully after that.

I had this funny little divot in his nether-end when I was done with the body. I'm not sure if that was intentional.

Attaching the legs sort of made it disappear. I think.

Yarn: Bernat Glow-in-the-Dark in Green Glow (usually available in the fall only)

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