Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Looking at my little red hot mini alien gets me thinking of things that are cherry-red and chocolate-brown. Which generally leads me to things delicious.
Or their chocolate covered Cherry Sours (which they won't tell you about online, but I promise, they're out there). These taste amazing! It's so close to an actual chocolate covered cherry, but with that extra sour zing that I love so much. (My favorite Sours are the white ones, that come in the Valentine Mix. Not sure what that flavor is, but who cares?)
If you like Cherry and Chocolate together, in any form, I highly suggest you get yourself some.
I got mine at Sunflower Farmers Market in Orem. (Speaking of which, you seriously need to get yourself some of their handmade sausage. I had the Basil Chicken.Yummers.)

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