Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Indian Corn

Simple pattern, but, oh, so hard to choose yarns. I'm working on another, plan to make a few more, but I need to finish up something else right now, so I'll have to come back to it.

When working the husk, I got a little confused as to what she meant by "always sl st in first ch". I figured it out as I worked, but I felt lost for a minute.

In case you were lost, too, here's my take on it:

On the first ch w/sl st, you come back to the first stitch, and ch again from there for the next husk. As you come back from that 2nd husk, sl st in the first ch from the first husk and then start the 3rd. Come back to that first ch every time.
When you're done, it should look like this:
with all the chain segments meeting in that one ch in the center. Hope that clarifies it, if you were lost, too.

Yarns: Homespun in Earth, Wool-Ease in Ranch Red, Wool-Ease Sport in Wheat, Vanna in Beige

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