Monday, September 27, 2010

SSS outfits from week 4

From Thurs, Sept 23: I love this little wrap-around skirt. I've never actually sewn the buttons on, I just pin through the shank of the big wooden button that shows, and pin the underside. Made this during my short time working for Mini World, a children's clothing company. They bought this fabric as a sample cut, so they sold it off cheap when they decided not to use it. Skirt: M6528 (from the 90's). Top: can't recall. Necklace & earrings: Lia Sophia. Black stone ring: Charlotte Russe. Beaded watch: made for me by a fellow Bookette. Shoes: Metro7, (Target?). Overgrown containers on my porch that I water every morning and evening: planted by me, with plants from Cooks Greenhouse in Lindon.

 Fri, Sept 24, away from the office for a firm retreat. We got to go to Zermatt Resort in Midway, UT. The braids...I'd recently watched To Wong Foo again, so I was doing sort of a "Say Something Hat day" and channeling Noxema Jackson at the same time. (Do you like my nails?) I was worried I'd be the only one there in a skirt, it being a casual thing, but one other gal wore one, so I wasn't the odd one out. Skirt is same pattern as denim skirt from 11th/12th. The blouse is the one shown started here, and finally finished Thursday night. (Yes, indeed, that is the self-same big floppy hat my friend borrowed that night.) I want to do self-bias for the sleeve ties, but I couldn't find the leftovers, so I went with ribbon for now. You can't tell here, but the blouse fits really well, looks very shapely. Crocheted the mini-shawl a couple years ago. Also wearing bracelets made for me by a friend.

Later that evening, settling in for the night up at Zermatt. Yo, these are my fav pj's!

Also spent a fair amount of time in my bathing suit, which I did not make.

Sat, Sept 25, off for a day of shopping and eating and whatever in Midway, Heber, and Park City. I can highly recommend the Sidetrack Cafe in Heber. Also the Dairy Keen in Heber, where we ate the night before. This wild paisley knit top needs to be taken in a mile or so...(I've got it knotted in back just for the photo)
Incidentally, speaking of To Wong Foo, we passed by Snyderville on our way to Park City. We took the old road, which winds over the mountain (and takes much longer), and from there, from the residential area of Park City, the road leads you past Snyderville. (Hey, mommies, I got us a ride into Spiderville.)

Sun, Sept 26, wearing the dress and earrings I made for my sister's wedding back in January. The earrings are easy: they make a kit. It's a wire form that slides into the shank of a button, and that's it, instant earrings! I need to find a couple more of these kits, so I don't have to wrestle my buttons on and off just to wear a different set. (I've not seen any for years, so maybe they don't make them anymore?)

After church, I changed into jeans and a self-stitched plaid top, and went over to mom's to help B* get started knitting a hat for Ms P. It was late when I got back home, so no picture. (I will add one if/when I have one.) (Took a picture when I wore it again 10/1 - so here you have it.)

Mon, Sept 27, in one of my old favorites. I made this back when I first started back to work after the Twins. The pattern also had a full-skirted version, which I considered making. Might be why I can't locate the pattern.

Only a few more days to go!

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