Thursday, September 30, 2010

SSS, the final outfits

With only a few days left, while there are more dresses, and even one suit, so I could be fully self-stitched for you, I wanted to show off some more favorites while I still had time.

Tues, Sept 28, still channeling To Wong Foo...(Oh, Bobby Ray, Bobby Ray, Bobby Ray, Bobby Ray...) in one of my favorite skirts. I've made this pattern a couple other times, and still want more. NL6569, view B, still in print (I know, shocking). The blouse is on loan from Twin2's girlfriend, also the necklace and earrings, which she made herself.
A little note on the fabric: this is where the difference between the $9/yd (quilt shop) fabric I used for my absolute favorite skirt from day 14, differs from the $4/yd (JoAnn) fabric used here. Still a really cute print, but, this one? Has to be ironed. Every time. I'm thinking the extra $$$ might be worth it.

Wed, Sept 29, another skirt, another favorite. (I'm not naked under the cardi...just wearing a flesh-tone top.)The pattern envelope for this one shows the skirt in casual fabrics, one in particular in a light-weight denim with calico applique flowers on it, 70's style:

Which I must say, I'm still tempted to duplicate.
I didn't immediately see that the back of the skirt dips lower; a feature that would have sold me on this right away, had I known. I used a bare minimum of pricey fabric making this. Couldn't resist.

Changed for the evening to go to a movie with the kids. We saw Scott Pilgrim vs the World. Bizarre movie. I predict it will produce the same effect on Netflix that Napoleon Dynamite has: whether you like the movie or not, their software has no way to reliably predict other movies you might enjoy, based on that preference. Bizarre, folks. But fun.
And totally worth the $1.50 at the Movies 8.
Top is knit, made from B5553, back in the 90's. I sewed a lot in the 90's. Good pattern, though. Nice fit.

And....are you ready for it? For the last day of SSS, I present to you....

My new sweater! I finished it just last night, right before we walked out the door for the movie. I'm just so excited to show this one off, I bet I'd even wear it if it was the middle of summer. (If you know me at all, you'll know that's saying a lot!) I have long arms, and I wanted to be sure my sleeves weren't too short, so I kept knitting beyond their recommended length. I overshot it by about 1"-1 1/2", so I have to fold the cuff back.
Check out the fringe! and look! I used the smaller version of the same button from the 26th, so I'm wearing the same earrings.
I want more of these earring kits. See how cool they are? The shanks on these buttons were kinda tight, so now I can't get the converter out of them to slip into another set. So I kinda need more converters, really.

Oh, and the skirt, made from Vogue 1038 (still in print!), is made in an impossibly loud stretch twill. That sort of limits how often (and where) I'll wear this. Can't sneak up on anyone wearing this skirt. You can hear me all the way down the hall. Also, I guess I have more waist-definition than the average gal, so the yoke of this could fit better. It's in one piece, no side seams (the yoke, that is), so I'd have had to alter the pattern. Or succumb to darts in my yoke.
Also made the white T you see under the cardi. Simplicity 9610, early 90's. It was a So Easy pattern, with a cute dress/jumper, the kind with the tied shoulder straps. Very popular style in it's day. I made the dress, too (the longer version, in a similar fabric to the model, smaller floral), and about wore it to death. Can't locate it now, but I suspect I'd finished with it and passed it on to DI.

Tonight, I plan to take a picture of the rest of the clothes, those not worn this month, so you can see just how ridiculous my wardrobe is. There are a few items I think I'm done with, that didn't look that great to begin with. Those I'll send along to DI, or offer to family/friends.
My whole wardrobe needs a good purge. Anyone want to come help me out? You can have your pick of whatever I'm tossing. (See, what you do is, you tell me it looks awful on me, and then, I'll give it to you. Because I know you wouldn't lie to me just to get a cute skirt, right?)

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