Tuesday, September 14, 2010

SSS outfits, week 2

I was reminded a few nights ago, during a visit from a friend, that practically every self-stitched item of clothing in my possession does, in fact, have a little history, a little something interesting. Every piece tells a story, in a way.
Some stories are short (I needed a white top. The End.), and some are a little more involved.

This top from the 8th, for instance, was made as a tester. I have this pricey fabric I intend to make up into this same blouse, but, not wanting to waste pricey fabric on an untried pattern, just to have it possibly flop, I made this one instead. And added back darts to make it fit better. Still haven't cut out the pricey stuff, but at least I know it will look good when I finally sew it up. (not so interesting, I know)

This little hot pink number (9th) has a more interesting story. A secret, actually. I didn't want to tell anyone while I was wearing it, in case I jinxed it. Now that I've worn it, and placed it carefully back on it's padded hanger, and hung that back on it's hook, I can tell you: I've never washed it. True story. After carefully hand-stitching the trim onto the hems, and thoroughly enjoying the sound and color and sparkliness all day, I couldn't figure out how I could possibly wash it without risking ruining the trim. So, I hung it up to air out a bit while I tried to figure it out. (I'm not overfond of hand washing.) A while later, I wanted to wear it again. It looked clean, smelled clean, so I wore it. And wore it again. And again. I don't even know how many times, and still, it's never been washed.
Every time I wear it, I wait for someone to ask me "how do you wash that?", so I can tell them. But, would you believe it? that's never happened.
(This could be the end of "interesting" for this week.)

This comfortable, casual suit is one of the few things I've managed to make, start to finish, in less than one day. Including buying the fabric and pattern. It just spoke to me, I guess. The fabric has this awesome sort of diamond pattern woven in. It's cool and comfortable, and always comes out of the wash looking fabulous.

This top (S3759)was only recently finished. I can't even recall how long ago I cut it out, but I'm sad it took me so long to get to the sewing part, because I think it's quite flattering. When I finally picked it up to sew it, it was in the wake of my success with that slinky knit dress. I should have lengthened the stitch a tad when I hemmed this one, but overall, I think it turned out well. I bought the fabric to go with an Amy Butler print I plan to make into pants, but it turns out, this yellow (it's hard to see the color here) goes with a few other self-stitched items. I love the gathers at the neckline. Next time, though, I might make it a smaller size on the top area, leaving the larger size at the hips.
The pants, I still can't recall what pattern I used. That's a knit fabric, and a little on the wild side. I think the fabric was an impulse purchase. But, dang, they're comfy!

Changed to a skirt for the evening of the 11th, Stake Conference.
This skirt, S5914 is a really nice fit. I've made it in brown twill as well, and I think I've got another one cut out. Mom and I were at Hancock Fabrics one day, and saw this skirt up on the wall, made up in denim (even though the pattern shows it in suiting fabrics), loved the way it looked, and immediately bought the pattern and some nice denim. It's even top-stitched with that gold thread like they do on jeans.

Sunday, 12th, I wore that same skirt again, with this pretty peasant blouse. I made the blouse out of really cheap $2 WalMart fabric, just so I could learn the shirring technique. Turned out nice, but the fabric pills something awful.

Monday, 13th, wearing my not-quite-chartreuse (mustard green?) suit. I love the color, and the fit and shape and detail of this jacket. It doesn't get a lot of wear, though, because I have to iron it every time. The rayon fabric curls up and wrinkles in weird places. The skirt is truly wash-n-wear, but it's not much without the jacket. The two fabrics matched when I bought them (even if from totally different shops), but the jacket has faded faster. (Patterns for both are very long out of print.)

Today, I'm wearing what is probably my favorite skirt. It even got to go to Chicago on my first trip there. Again and again, people tell me that if they had this skirt, they'd wear it all the time. As it doesn't demand ironing, I can agree with that. I bought the Liz Claiborne shoes specifically to go with this skirt, and, while buckling them this morning, I caught a glimpse of yesterday's jacket in the laundry pile, and realized that it would look pretty good with this skirt. I can't figure how I never noticed that before. McCalls 4783, recently out of print, but still avail online.
(Earrings are on loan to me from Twin2's girlfriend - she made them herself!)

So that's it for week 2. Like I said, every piece has a story. Some are more interesting than others, and maybe, some should never be shared.

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