Wednesday, October 20, 2010

10 little friends on a camping trip, with skates

Have I mentioned my relationship with Netflix before?
It's still going strong.

Recent rentals included All About Steve, and Whip It.

All About Steve is an odd one. Mildly inappropriate at times, though not often. And mild truly is the word here.
I find myself wanting to say, several times a day, for no reason, " 10 little friends on a camping trip", with her cute little lisp. (Speaking of her lisp, I find myself wondering how she did it. Did she have something in her mouth, or did she just practice a lot? It sounded natural, and I know that's not easy.)
I seriously like the message: Find someone as normal as you are, and if not, a whole bunch of them. Yeah, that's good advice.

Whip to describe it? Lots of good people in this one. And I find myself really really really wanting to put on a pair of skates. And not those in-line things, either. I wonder where those old blue tennis-shoe-style skates of mine are? The ones we got at the Swap Meet in Hawaii, back in the 80's? They may not be pretty, but they'd fit, and that's all you need for practice, right? I mean, if Babe Ruthless can wear Barbie skates...

Do they have Roller Derby in Utah?

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