Saturday, October 16, 2010

Lobster Larger-than-life-is-just-the-right-size

This one is so much larger than I expected! He's cute, yes, but gigantic by comparison.
And those eyes...he won't stop staring at me.

I had a little trouble with this one. Some pattern errors, I think.
Because, you know, it couldn't just be me.

First, while not an error per se, I just couldn't make myself bind off the head only to start up the body, which would later be sewn to the head. Same with the body to tail sections. I just couldn't. So instead, I started back up with the next section, without having bound off or cast on. I decreased, for both the head and body, to 16 stitches in order to start with the right amount on the next section. I just reversed the increase that follows the cast on, like so:
*K4, K2tog, K2, K2tog* repeat
and then went on from there as though that round was the cast-on round of the next section.

Since completing the body, I've considered that I also could have bound off as written, and then picked up stitches along that bound off edge for the next section instead of casting on fresh. That would have preserved the more rigid connection between pieces (which you don't get if you just decrease and keep knitting to the next part), without having to come back and sew it together (and we all know how I feel about that).

I have to say, I liked using the set of 5 needles for this. In this size, you normally get only 4, but I have two sets, so I can work with how ever many I need to. Working with 4 needles holding your yarn allowed you to put the increases and decreases at the ends or beginnings of needles, making it practically a no-brainer when it came time to increase or decrease on a round. As much as I love math, I do like not having to count it out when I'm knitting. Alternatively, you could place markers at those points, and get the same effect. The tail section gets down to only 2 stitches on the side needles, and that was a tad fiddly, to be sure, so that's one part where placing markers would have been more convenient.


Rnd 22 of the Body should tell you to "repeat from * once more", because if you don't, you're only halfway around.

When working the smaller claw, at the end it says to "slip next 3 sts of Small Side to right needle..", but if you want your decreases in the next section to be directly in line with the previous decreases, that doesn't work. I think it should say "slip next 5 sts...", which would put you directly in the middle of the piece, and the decreases will then line up. If, by chance, the claws were supposed to be twisted a little here, I would think you'd need to do it differently for right and left, for symmetry. Right?

BUT, I worked the claw a little differently. Instead of cutting the yarn and starting over at the new outside edge, I just started up knitting on the larger claw stitches.

Technically, that shorts me 5 stitches on that round, but I don't think it matters. If you want to do the same, just make sure you remember your new starting point for the round is on the curved side of the smaller claw when you start Rnd 27.

I wish it had reminded us to stop and stuff it along the way. I paused after Rnd 33 to stuff it and also to sew up the gap between the claws (use the tail from the larger claw). I paused again after Rnd 56 to stuff the rest of it before decreasing and binding off.

I had to look at the picture to figure out just where eyes should go. If you center them over the "cheeks", just above the bump, they will end up the right distance from each other. Sew on whites first, plain, and then add the pupils. These pupils were done in crochet, 6sc in magic ring, finished off and sewn onto whites.

Yarns: Vanna in White, Black, and almost an entire skein of Vanna in Scarlet

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