Saturday, October 16, 2010

Planted Earth, YaYa Party, and a wind up Baby Doll

I love shopping at Planted Earth! I've found some of my very favorite things there. Sure, they're a floral shop. A good one. But they also have antiques, and... random stuff.

I was on my way back from Harbor Freight this morning (What? I had to get more of those shorty hammers. And then there was this set of tweezers that was on sale. And I really wanted the 1/4" letter stamp set. And...never mind.), as I was saying...on my way back home, stopped at Planted Earth, just to see what's new.

I found the most perfect hat for the YaYa Party tonight out at Thanksgiving Point! I put this on, and I looked awesome, never mind I'm just in jeans, white T, and beige sweater. You know the rule - if it looks good on you, right then, no matter what else you're wearing, you have to buy it. Good rule, no?

See that tiny piano? It's a pencil sharpener. Cool, huh?

I also found this sort of freaky wind-up crawling baby doll. I'll need to fix the outfit, probably just make a new one. (I realize that negates it's value, but all torn up like this is just sad.)

Isn't it just....odd? And it works. It actually crawls when you wind it up.


Hope to see you tonight at YaYa! Girls Night Out, tons of freebies, a bonfire. What more could a girl want?

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