Saturday, November 13, 2010

Popcorn 'n' Pretzel(s)

Pattern is really super easy. It just takes a while to make enough popcorn. I've only got 6 so far, and other projects calling my name, so this may have to be it for now.
I used a variegated yarn for the buttery popcorns. I think I like that better than one solid color.

Pretzel is bigger than I'd thought it would be. Easy, though. Instead of sewing up the long sides, I slip-stitched it together. I just hate having to guess how long a tail of yarn to leave, possibly running out, when stitching such a long skinny thing. So this one looks different on the other side.

If you like the pretzel, and wish there was one to knit, I wrote up a sorta pattern a while back. But really it's just icord until you've had enough (I did one with 4 stitches, 6 or 8 will give you something chunkier), twist it, tack the ends. Voila.

Yarns: Peaches N Cream in Warm Brown, White, Red, and Daisy Ombre

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