Friday, January 21, 2011

Hey Hey, it's a flock of fish

Remember the Blue Fish? Well, now (s)he's got an entire rainbow of fishy friends! I knitted these ages ago, even crocheted their eyes, but then never got 'round to sewing the eyes on until this week. It was every bit as tedious as I'd expected, so I feel justified in having left it so long, frankly.

Aren't they adorable, though? I'm quite pleased with them.
I watched a movie while I sewed together eyes and wove in ends.

Weird movie. Australian. And so much better than I expected, or maybe just different? It's hard to explain. Worth your time, though. Touching, funny, stand-on-your-head strange at times. While not quite a family movie (Esther is 13, trying to figure out who she is, why she isn't cool, and, well, you know what 13 was like, right?), it's not inappropriate, either. The younger set won't really get what's going on, but your pre-teens may have some questions. So I'd make this a me-time sort of movie, the first watching. It's available to watch instantly from Netflix, and I must say, I recommend you do just that.

Oh, and, the music in this movie? Amazing! I've got to have the soundtrack.

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Pamela Witte said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the fish!! Very cute. :) You make me want to be a more prolific knitter. Even though that's probably not going to happen. But I still love the fish!