Thursday, February 24, 2011

DK Baby Boy Blues

Just wanted to show these off a bit. I'm feeling pretty good about how they turned out. The not-matching thing that happens there after the heel has to do with one ball of leftovers being wound from the beginnings of the other sock, from the part where it didn't match, which meant that it was in two pieces. I ran out of the first, well-matched, section just after the heel. I tried really hard to find a way to match them up again, but it just wasn't happening. Kind of disappointing.

My ribbing on the top seems a little loose. I know I was nervous while I was knitting, so I'm going to blame it on that.

I prefer, in general, to do toe-up socks, but I think I might like doing cuff-down better for dk. I could never stick my hands up in to make sure I hadn't crossed yarns; I had to pull one sock out of the other, which sort of gives the game away, for one, and also, I then had to settle it back in there so the lumps wouldn't bug me.
Not to mention the whole invisible sewn bind-off thing, which is not exactly looking it's best here. I can't prove it, because I can't find the sweater, but I swear my first attempt at sewn bind-off was practically perfect. If you look at these, you'll want to compliment me for the effort and tell me I'll get better with practice. And I'd have to agree with you, if I didn't know I'd already done better.

I only had one instance of crossed threads. Not even sure it was that, really. I think I must have knitted one of the outer sock stitches in with an inner sock stitch, because when I ran the column down to where they joined up, the other sock came free without me having to undo anything. It was in the heel section, with all the wrapped stitches and such, in the last round of the heel. Wasn't as hard as I anticipated to undo it and fix it.

I'm glad I tried the technique, but I'm not feeling inspired to cast on for another pair. Except, I think I should try cuff-down, and see if I like it any better. Maybe. Like, right after I finish my Welig gloves, my legwarmers, my car socks, and, um, whatever else I've got on the needles that strikes my fancy.

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