Friday, February 25, 2011

To: Tall, Dark, & Scruffy

I noticed you even before I entered the cafe.

As I walked by the window on my way in, my eyes were drawn immediately to you, though I was searching for other, more familiar, faces.

You continued to draw my attention as the night wore on. I know I laughed more, smiled more, because I hoped you were watching me. (Were you?)

When you walked out to wander among the stacks, I noticed that you first walked behind me (and the rest of the ladies) instead of taking the shorter route through the magazine racks. You came back the same way.
I caught sight of you as you wandered, and I tried to catch your eye, so I could smile at you.

(Should I have wandered out, too? Found some excuse to leave my group?)


Then you left. And your friend? the one with the hand-knit hat? (The hat was recognized by a few of us - we know the pattern.) He gestured to his hat, made hand-motions like he was knitting, and winked. (I think he winked. I didn't see it.) But you? you just walked away.

I'm there every Thursday. If you come again, I might be brave enough to talk to you. I might even give you my number.

I wish I'd been bold and spoken to you. (Would that have been too much?)

Come again? (Please?)

Signed: Sheepish at Barnes & Noble

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