Friday, February 11, 2011

I have a new shirt!

I finished this last night (early this morning?), and I'm so pleased to have another finished item to add to my FO list and my wardrobe. I really like this one.
It goes with, well, everything.

I cut it out, oh, I have no idea. At least a couple years ago. I think. Doesn't matter.

Simplicity 4878, view E, but with the little tie like view F. It's a lovely soft knit. (why, yes, my fabric does look remarkably similar. totally coincidental.)

It called out to me from my stash this week, so I pulled it out and started sewing.
Tuesday, I sewed and hemmed the sleeves.
Wednesday, I sewed up the bodice.
Last night, I hemmed the bodice, sewed in the sleeves, sewed and attached the collar, and decided I wanted the little tie. I stayed up just a little longer, so I could cut and sew up the tie and be truly done with it. I could have worn it without, but I wanted to put away the scraps and pattern.

I'm totally rockin' the knit fabrics right now. Ever since braving that blue/brown print slinky knit dress, I'm no longer afraid of messing up or just plain not having any give in my seams. I don't want you looking too closely at the hems on this one - I see all kinds of wonkiness there in the light of day - but since I chose my thread well, nobody will notice unless I point it out.

I love how that little bow looks.

(oh! wardrobe item the first for 2011!)

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