Saturday, February 26, 2011

what to do between projects

how about a tiny little sock for a keychain?

keychain and pattern available here

yarn leftovers from my dodecahedron

I totally intended to make this myself. I cast on, worked the ribbing, and then, while at FF, my BFFofFF was having trouble with her swatch of DNA cable, so I offered to let her work on the tiny sock. (I'm nice like that.) She knitted the rest of the leg and the heel that night.
I picked it up a couple times during the week, knit a few rounds, but didn't get far. Then, earlier this week, at FF again, she ran short of the yarn she was working with and was left empty-handed, so I let her finish the tiny sock. (I told you, I'm sweet like that.)

Adorable, no?

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