Saturday, March 12, 2011

MMM Week 2

Sunday, Mar 6, wearing an oldie. Made this dress back when the Twins were still smallish. My first one-piece anything at that time, since their birth; cuz, you know, nursing, and I needed things that either fastened up the front or split at the waist. This does have a short buttoned placket in the front (you can't see it here), so it was workable, if necessary, but not my first choice if I knew I'd be out-and-about with them. (TMI?)
(I swear this looked better just moments before. I must have re-adjusted the scarf or something.)
The dress was made up in the store, in this exact fabric (lovely heathered grey knit), and I just jumped on it. This has faded some, and the stitches on the hem have broken here and there, so it doesn't get a lot of wear these days. Super comfy, though. I've been known to sleep in it.
Scarf also me-made. It's a printed panel, and I simply narrow-hemmed with the serger.

Monday, Mar 7, one of my favorite skirts. I was lucky and found a remnant for super-cheap, in wool, that was just barely enough to make this skirt. S8664, view A. Blouse: Gap (via hand-me-down). Shoes: Enzo Anglioni (I have these in black and also in grey/beige)
Tuesday, Mar 8. Trying to stay comfy on a cold day, while still looking like I mean business at the office. These pants are actually my black jumpsuit, McCalls 8547. I know the length is a little "Star Trek" with these boots, but I actually like how it looks. Sweater: can't recall. Necklace: H&M. Boots: ummm...sorry. Tree branches looking like antlers: courtesy of Twin1's photo skillz.

Wednesday, Mar 9. Wearing my Liz. I really love how this blouse turned out. If I look a little perturbed, it's just because I was late for work. Navy pants: Dress Barn. Shoes: Walmart?

Thursday, Mar 10. I planned the entire outfit around the legwarmers, because I've been absolutely dying to wear them ever since I finished them, and they really aren't meant for the office. I took the day off to spend with the twins on their birthday, so I figured it was time to wear the legwarmers. They were even okay with how I looked! I fought my slip all day, though. It's about an inch too long for this dress, and kept peaking out. Dress: Whimsey in Park City. Shoes: thrifted. Jewelry: Lia Sophia.
(Note: the dress is clingy, and I'm just not as slim as I used to be - nothing more than that)

Friday, Mar 11, wearing my boring black skirt, (B5471)for the first time. I have to say, I think it looks better on me than it did on the hanger. It is really a nothing skirt - a couple of rectangles is all - and it's got an elastic waist, too. Totally thoughtless design, but somehow it looks elegant. Go figure. Blouse: Chico's via DI. Shoes: Target. Necklace & Ring: Lia Sophia. Earrings: ummm..... Watch: a Lisa H original (that's one of my fellow bookettes).

Saturday, Mar 12, late in the day. Wearing my yellow knit top (S3759) and hand-knit by me socks, also designed by me. Cardi: Gap via DI.

That wraps up week 2. I still feel a desperate need to get busy in the sewing room, but I just haven't been finding the time. No surprise there - I knew my work schedule would be crazy-busy. I just wish I could finish at least one more piece of clothing before the month is out. Two would be nice.

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