Saturday, March 19, 2011

Sam-I-Am, I'm having trouble with the ham

No problem making up the eggs - I just followed this pattern, and my alternate finish for a stand-alone egg.

I found that I prefer to cut it a round short, and do the random hdc, dc, trc curving bits on rnd 7 instead of doing rnd 8. They seemed more in proportion that way, though it could be just the yarn I used this time.

Note that it really does look better if you finish off your center color and pick up the white in another place, instead of trying to do a color change without finishing off. The egg on the left wasn't finished off, and you can clearly see the color change, even though I tried to make it invisible.

(I'm considering writing up my own egg pattern, since discovering that I really do make it differently. I'll let you know if that happens.)

I'm on my second try with the ham. First try started at the rounded end, but that ended up looking something like a bright green falsie, which wasn't good at all, so I ripped it back and started at the sliced end instead. I'm keeping track, and if it turns out nice, I'll write up the pattern and share it here, on the blog.

Yarns: Creme de la Creme in Brite Green, and Sugar N Cream in White

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