Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Tater Tots - a free pattern!

This little fella may look pretty simple, but I actually did spend some time figuring him out, so I thought I'd just write it up and share it with you. (see below for link to pdf)

Tater Tots

Size E crochet hook
Worsted yarn (I used Vanna in Mustard)
Stuffing (or yarn scraps)

6sc in magic ring
Inc X 6 (12)
Work 5-6 rnds plain sc (make a variety of sizes)
Stuff your tot
Dec X 6 (6), sl st and cut yarn
Stuff a little more if it needs it

It won’t look much like a Tot yet – it needs some shaping.

Do a nice finish on the end, then poke your needle all the way from the center of one end to the center of the other end.
Pull tight to help flatten the end, take one stitch, and run needle back out other end.
Take a stitch, and run needle back to other end again. Each time you run it through to the other end, pull it up just enough to give it shape.

Once you’re satisfied with the shaping, finish off and cut your yarn.
Enjoy your Tots!

available as a pdf download, too! (click link, then select Print from the File menu)

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