Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Rooster #1 finally finished

Remember the Papercut Rooster? My first project for All My Chickens? No?

I didn't forget about it. I just had trouble with the finishing.

I wanted to either sandwich it between two panes of glass, or put it on a black background. Both options turned out to be more involved than you'd think, so there it sat, unframed.

I finally just decided to go with "good enough" and get it framed and on the wall, in whatever way I was able. If I find that "just right" piece of black paper, or another sort of frame that seems to want to be used with only glass, I might change things. (The frame I got, the things that hold the back in place were attached to the backing, so I would have had to get all kinds of clever to figure out how to keep everything in place without them. I wasn't up to it.)

IF I ever update it, I'll be sure and put it out here for you to see. In the meantime, I think it'll do.

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