Friday, August 26, 2011

can I have a little more time, please?

I did some good work on the time socks during Fab Fibers,
I still have about 14 rounds to go before the gussets are done.
but then, when I got home, I was suddenly detoured into stitching up a new top instead. For me. It was something I'd been planning to do for a few weeks, just hadn't gotten to it yet.

This was a total start-to-finish project*, in one evening. I had this remnant of knit, and it was only 2/3 yd. I wanted that same top (S3759) out of it that I'd done with the pale yellow and the lovely purple, only this was even less fabric.

I barely managed to cut out all the pieces, and had to piece the neckband. Lucky for me, the butterflies didn't land anywhere embarrassing.
This looked fabulous with the black pants I was wearing yesterday, and I notice some deep red in there that probably means it will look great with my red suede skirt, too.
How much do I love this pattern? Lots, I guess.

But that won't help me get the time socks done in time.

*Wardrobe item the 13th, in case you wondered...

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