Friday, August 19, 2011

too many projects?

Just how many (active) projects is too many, I wonder?

Currently, I'm hard at work on the Time Socks, and making pretty good, um, time, too.
A whole 2 1/2" now. I just might have a chance of finishing before next Friday.

Still working on the Amethyst Ribbon Socks, though they've been set aside until the Time Socks are done (or relegated to a slower pace). I'm just about done with the gusset.
why do I think of Tigger every time I look at these?
Actually, I'm wishing I'd finished these before picking up the Time Socks, because after working with the Felici yarn, this stuff feels positively course.

Taking up the bulk of my project bag at this moment are some All My Chickens projects. Though there are some that aren't getting hauled about with me (like I'm expecting to work on them at any given moment?), I have no less than 6 vying for my attention every time I reach into that bag:

bet you thought I forgot about this one
barely begun, but at least it's a start
neither of which have actually been started

I've done the base, and started up the sides!

I'm quilting already, so that's not bad, right?

Then, just in case I get tired of working with yarn (or fabrics) I've got this needlepoint kit
nor very far into it, but hey, sorting the floss took ages!

So, what I'm wondering is, where is the tipping point? If I added just one more project to the list, would it start to feel like too many to think about, thus leading me to work on none of them? Or would that take another half dozen or so?
(Do I really want to find out? Do you?)

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Michelle said...

oh my! I would've said you had too many project going on about 5 projects ago. that's just me, the girl who hasn't any projects going on. :) You inspire me!