Thursday, August 18, 2011

Time Socks

I decided it was way past time to cast on some socks in my Time Traveler stripe Felici yarn
and, after looking at the other projects on Rav in that yarn, I decided two things:

I won't call the project Timey-Wimey or Wibbley-Wobbley.

The stripe is strong enough to not get lost in cables and such.

So I cast on for Frankensocks. A lot of others did Jaywalker or Monkey. I like the Jaywalker pattern, but I've got some already on the needles. The Monkey pattern is nice, but it's not quite what I'm after.
I figured there should be something more than just a plain sock, and I like the look of the Frankensock. Both of them.
This business of knitting into the back of the loop while doing the right twist mini-cable might do me in, but I think it's the right pattern for this yarn. For me, anyway.

Now, what about a name for these?

And, do you think it's possible to get them done before the mid-season premier next weekend? (Go the trailer...I know you want to! Watch the Prequel! I'll wait...) 

Lookie - I've already knitted a whole inch!

That's a good start, right? I can easily finish them in, let's see, 9 days? Piece of cake.

Totally kidding. But I'm going to knit on them as much as possible anyway. Also, can I just tell you? I love this Felici yarn! It's just about the softest thing I've worked with since baby alpaca. I need more. I don't even care what color, I just need more. Need, I'm saying. It's that good.

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