Thursday, November 17, 2011

he's neckid!

When I ordered this from Chiasso I didn't notice they had any other views of the product, so I guess I didn't realize just exactly what I was in for.
I thought I was getting a S&P set with the top half of a cute little dude (another helpful little man!) sitting atop the bottom half:
Which is pretty cute, right?

He arrived today, and that's when I discovered the true nature of this particular table-helper:
If you want pepper, salts gotta get neckid!

If you are now deeply concerned, as I was, as to the location of the plug-hole, rest assured, this company knew how far to take the gag:

Although, it must be said, the thought of shaking pepper out of the crotch of his pants gives me pause. That can't be entirely comfortable for him.

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