Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I need more red

Looking at some of my me-made clothes, and trying to come up with outfits using at least two items, it has come to my attention that I am in desperate need of a pair of red trousers. In fact, my whole closet is sadly lacking in red.
I have a red skirt, but it's suede-like, so that's going into storage until it's cold again.
I had a cute pair of very casual red pants, but the decorative zipper pull caught in the lint trap in the dryer, and half the zipper was ripped off. (They're too small now anyway.)
I have, somewhere, a pair of full-legged linen pants which need some patching done in the crotch area where the fabric wore thin. (TMI?) I don't want to make the repair, but I also don't want to toss the pants. Lame.
I also have a pair of super-wide red & white striped pants cut out - but those are a tad flashy to be paired with anything that isn't plain. (Think: clown-like sophisticate.)
I need a pair of no-fuss, work-worthy, basic red pants. Which I guess means I need to go fabric shopping. Darn.

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