Tuesday, June 7, 2011

old favorite, new skirt

MMJ day 5, wearing one of my old favorites:
 Previously seen here. I made the necklace, too. (Well, not the chain, just the little...slide? charm?) Wore this dress Sunday because I thought it was one of them that didn't get worn in September. Drat. Seems I don't have quite as many previously un-blogged me-mades as I thought I did. I'll have to get more creative about this if I'm going to last the month.

And for day 6, debuting the Batik Panel Skirt, finally hemmed back in October (after a couple years of hanging about while I contemplated how best to hem a 1/2 circle), but then tucked away to await warmer weather. (Sometimes I just finish things because I find I have the time, even if that item can't get worn right away.) This was made using M5111 (oop), but cut from a panel print, so you probably don't really need a pattern if you can find the print. This one came from JoAnn, but, like I said, a couple years back, so it's not likely you'll find one now. They seem to have gone out of fashion (again).
Paired in a not-very-flattering set with Ennui Blanc, previously seen here.

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