Thursday, June 9, 2011

more new stuff and an old friend or three

MMJ day 7, debuting the fabulous mock-shrug top!
Seriously loving this top.
Know what would make it better?
Red pants. (Told you so.)

I really tried to find something else me-made to pair with this, even jewelry, but totally failed. So, instead, I bring you pictures with some other things I've made!

Donut was knitted the night before, as part of a set for a sweet nephew, so I figured it'd be good to show it off.
Cap'n Underpants there, well, he makes sense as part of this shoot because it is largely due to him that this gorgeous knit top exists.
If you recall, I went in search of some red fabric for his cape, (after designing his appendages, I wasn't up for more knitting, just to make a cape) and was lucky enough to find this usually pricey high-quality knit fabric in the remnant bins. The red was just exactly the right color, and then to find the pretty brown, in the same fabric? that was a bonus. I knew right away I could make something using both of them together. Back at home, after Fab Fibers, I found just the right pattern, and cut it out that same evening. Then, as per usual with me, I found reason to procrastinate - it was getting colder, and I knew short sleeves were not going to get worn for many months, did I have the right color red thread, etc, etc, etc.
Finally, near the tail end of May, realizing I would want something new to wear for June (if I participated), I changed the serger threads (always entertaining) and plunged in.
I basted, I drew my seam-lines on with chalk, and I took it slow and easy. I didn't have anything left to fix it with if I messed up, so I had to be careful.
It was worth it.
Pattern is S2364. I could have wished for a little more fabric so I could have longer sleeves (I'm not exactly toned in the upper arm area). Also, if I make this again? I think I'll try to work it so the sleeves are doubled over instead of having to hem them. I think it would look much better that way. (Wardrobe item the 10th!)

For MMJ day 8, we have the pink top shown here, brown pants seen here, and a fresh-from-the-sewing-room scarf to tie it all together.
Scarf/sash made from the same pattern as the black & white sash shown here.

Finally, for MMJ day 9, I bring you my chambray ruffle-front blouse ( See & Sew 3125 c late '80's, early 90's), paired with my work-horse black trousers, previously seen here, and here. (Maybe I should use the same pattern for the much-needed red pair? These do get worn a lot.)

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