Saturday, June 4, 2011

no twirling here, still on the fence

MMJ day 3, wearing the slinky knit dress that catapulted me full force into sewing with knits and feeling good about it. (Previously seen during SSS, here.)

Apparently, the Flickr group challenged themselves to twirl for today's photo. Since I'm not officially participating, I missed that. So, no twirling for me, folks.

Just me, in the yard,
in a dress. (Are you impressed?)
I made the bracelet.

MMJ day 4, debuting my purple knit top, (wardrobe item the 11th!) just birthed last night. (More on that later - it deserves it's own post.) Worn with my wide denim capris, first seen here during SSS.
(Posed on the fence, because, you know, I'm still "on the fence" about the whole MMJ thing. Get it? heh.)

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